Planning and Budgeting


The first step in the building process is the development of a budget. This guides and controls the entire process. We look at every detail of the Project to determine the most cost effective way to build. It is at this time that we write a set of specifications to use thru the design and estimating process.

Budgeting and Estimating:

We use some of the most advanced methods to estimate the cost of your home or building. Our computer aided takeoff process starts with images of your home that are digitally measured for the utmost accuracy. This information is then transferred to our cost estimating software which helps us translate all the measurements into a coherent cost analysis. To you this means that as we build your one of a kind home or building, we have looked at every aspect of your home and written detailed assumptions so that you will know what to expect every step of the way.


As construction begins scopes of work and product specifications are gathered, purchase orders are issued, and subcontractor agreements created so that the entire process is documented and everyone up and down stream is informed. At that time we also write a sequenced schedule for all the work to be performed.

Selection Process:

As construction begins, we setup all the appointments necessary for you to visit any of our preferred venders. During this part of the process you have the option to shop for all the different parts of your home on your own or some one from our organization will help you through the process.

Team-Approach Construction Process:

Construction Services, Project Coordination, Construction Manager, Field Supervision, and Accounting all team up to manage every aspect of your job from cost management to field supervision and cost accounting every detail is carefully reviewed, managed and coordinated.

Quality Control:

As the work is performed we inspect every facet of construction from making sure framing is square and plumb to the use of lasers to make sure your cabinets are installed plumb and level. We also have are super cross check each other project to make sure nothing is missed.

Beyond Construction:

When we give you the keys to your new home we will also walk through it with you to make sure everything is to your satisfaction and you understand how to operate all the equipment. But that is not the end of our relationship. You will receive several other things from us. First, we accept a punch-list after 60 days when you are sure everything is working properly and to your satisfaction. We then allow a final punch-list at the end of the first year. Second, you will have the option to get a Bonded Builders 10 year structural warranty for your home. This third party warranty ensures that every structural aspect of your home will perform and surpass the test of time. Third, you will get a Pass word to enter our wed page where you can look at the Homeowners Maintenance Manual and other information pertinent to your new home. In the event that you have a problem with anything in your home we want you to call us first. That is right, we want to know first. We will then contact the supplier, manufacturer or subcontractor to and help make sure that whatever the issue is, it is resolved to your satisfaction.